The Bravery Bolster Campaign aims to give comfort and extra cuddles to children who may not be able to sleep at home, in their own bed.

We believe that when kids can boost their feeling of safety and security, ease feelings of loneliness and momentarily replicate the sensation of a soothing hug they can ease their fears and worry from the day and improve the quality and duration of their sleep at night. This campaign is operated by ComponentBed Inc. Our company endeavors to work with communities across Canada in order to give our Bravery Bolsters to children who are required to be Brave beyond their years. Read more about Our Story. Please join us on our mission to bring a little comfort and an extra dose of courage to kids who need it the most.

Our Story How we give

Charity Partner

Canadian Women’s Foundation

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is Canada’s public foundation, empowering women and girls in Canada to move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership. Since 1991, we’ve invested in over 1,400 community programs across Canada, and we are now one of the ten largest women’s foundations in the world. We take a positive approach to address root causes of the most critical issues facing women and girls. We study and share the most effective ways to create long-term change and bring community organizations together for training and knowledge sharing. We carefully select and fund programs with the strongest outcomes and regularly evaluate their work, with a special focus on building a community of women helping other women. Investing in the strength of women and the dreams of girls creates safer families and communities, and a more prosperous society for all of us.

Canadian Women's Foundation


On a single day, shelters across Canada house 1,915 children

1.3 Million

In Canada, 1.3 million children live in conditions of poverty (that’s 1 in 5)


20-40 per cent of young children struggle with sleep in one way or another

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Choose and purchase a bolster pillow from our website and we will give your gift to a child in need.

Give Courage
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Get 1 & Give 1

For every bolster you buy, a bravery bolster will also be donated to a child in need.

Give & Get

Courage Giving

  • Three Pillow Sizes

    Mini 5" x 14"

    yoga, neck roll and lower back support

    Moyen 6" x 17"

    kids ~ 3yrs-7yrs

    Max 8" x 24"

    kids ~ 8yrs and up

  • 100% Cotton Cover

  • Made In Canada

The Magic of Sleep

Physical and mental well-being improves when sleep improves. Children need every opportunity to prepare for a magical night of slumber. Learn how a good night’s sleep can turn into a positive day for a child.


Uninterrupted sleep makes kids feel more cheerful, pleasant, lively, brave, confident and calm.


Children are more likely to look forward to performing their usual activities and may even desire to try something new after a good night’s sleep


Sleeping well makes it easier to concentrate, think clearly and make decisions the next day

Body sensations

Kids can feel fresh, alert and spirited when they practice good sleep routines nightly

How we give

For every Bolster you purchase, we donate a bolster to a child in need at a shelter, hospital or home. The Component Bed Inc., works directly with reputable organizations that provide relief to children in numerous ways. Whether it’s a shelter a child is temporarily residing in or a hospital bed where a child is receiving care in, the Bravery Bolster campaign aims to give anywhere a child may be in need of an extra cuddle.

When you donate a Bravery Bolster, you are giving an extra dose of courage to a very special kid. We will deliver donated bolsters to the home or facility directly. Plus 90% of proceeds from your purchase will be donated towards programs run by our Charity Partners and community programs.

Getting Involved


Join us in giving extraordinary kids an extra dose of courage to sleep a little braver at night. Support the cause by following us on social media and by donating a bravery bolster pillow to a very special kid.